During this uncertain and challenging time, many sellers still want or need to sell their homes and qualified buyers want to take advantage of the amazingly low interest rates. BUT for some, the idea of showing their home or walking through a home causes them some concerns.

One way to help reduce the stress for both seller and buyer is by taking advantage of Virtual Tour and Drone photography. As a seller, offering a Virtual Tour of your home gives your potential buyer the opportunity to virtually not only view your home’s benefits but also get a realistic sense of the traffic flow, spaciousness and dynamics that aren’t always attainable from still photos. If you have a dynamic outdoor living area or have amazing views to offer, Drone photography provides an aerial view in stills and virtual options to allow your prospective buyers to get a full sense of what your home offers them.

Yes, using professional photography including Virtual Tours and/or Drone options will be an added cost to you as a seller. BUT the benefits, especially in these times of uncertainty of how to deal with showing and viewing homes, will far outweigh the cost and may bring you more potential buyers and offers, giving you your best price and profit.

BuyOwner.com offers you professional photography options so don’t hesitate to contact our Marketing Consultants to see how this advantage can bring you faster and better results!