cleaningImagine looking at for-sale properties online. You come across a beautiful home with amazing curb appeal. It’s the home of your dreams! You click through the photos thinking that this could be the place you want to rest your head for a long time, but then you find images of messy, disorganized, cluttered rooms. Now picture potential buyers, viewing your home online and falling in love with your property. They start thinking about how they are going to put their own personal, decorative touches in each bedroom or how they could possibly entertain guests in the living room when, all of a sudden, they see an unkept room, full of junk. And if this room happens to be small, all that clutter could make the room appear to be even smaller. And if you have a bunch of rubbish lying around a big room, then that large room might not look as spacious as it really is.

There are a couple of ways you can alleviate all the clutter in your home. It might help if you pretend to be a buyer. Imagine what you would want to find in your dream house. If you find yourself distracted by an untidy room, make sure that it is clear and “uncluttered” and start over. And don’t forget about the garage! Your problem area may be a storage area, where you’re keeping seasonal items, bikes, old keepsakes and the like tucked away for a later day. Let’s say you have a spacious, three-car garage. Removing any excess clutter before taking a photograph or showing your home will only enhance the size of the garage. And doing this throughout your home will enhance the size of your home as well!

Here are few tips to keep your house clean and appealing to buyers:

  • mow and water your lawn regularly
  • trim overflowing bushes
  • add flowers or other decorative pieces to your lawn
  • keep your gutters clean
  • clean the house from top to bottom
  • make appliances shine and sparkle
  • add some plant life
  • clean up after pets
  • make sure there is no garbage in the waste basket (unpleasant odors might offend buyers during a showing)
  • create an inviting smell by baking something sweet or lighting a scented candle
  • put away photographs and collections (let buyers imagine their own belongings in your home)
  • organize closets and pantries so they seem more spacious

If you’re selling your house, try to get rid of any unnecessary clutter. It makes your home look cleaner and move-in-ready!