Have you heard? Wallpaper is making a comeback. You’ll see it in design magazines, decorator showcases, model homes.

Yet despite its being the trendiest thing to put on your walls, you might be leery of putting the modern equivalent of your mother’s flower prints in your kitchens for the next 25 years. If you’re thinking about doing wallpaper, think about your future and the future buyer of your home.

Should you wallpaper? Short answer: yes, if you love wallpaper. Wallpaper your heart out. However, if you are selling a home, you might want to take your prospective buyer’s opinions into consideration.

If you are opting for a neutral-colored, textured wallpaper, you’ll have a better chance for longevity and an overall acceptance of your wall choice. 

Ivillage.com notes: “Unless the wallpaper has a wonderful texture or something that really makes the room, opt for paint and do a layered technique where you get some depth of color…it’s very difficult to remove. Paint can be changed anytime you like.”

Upscale wallpaper is generally more expensive than your run-of-the-mill prints but affords a classic look that can blend in seamlessly with contemporary design.

What is the most important lesson in wallpapering?  Think long-term. It might save you a lot of scraping.