As part of a special feature at the Buy Owner Blog, we’ll be highlighting cities throughout the nation, profiling their attractions and conveniences, as well as pointing out some currently for-sale homes in the area!

Today’s City: Deltona, FL

Thinking of buying a home in Deltona? Located in the heart of southwestern Volusia County, Deltona is a principle city in Florida’s Fun Coast. Diverse in its cultural makeup, this dynamic community has about 90,000 residents according to the city’s official website.

Not only does Deltona offer a city website but also a 24-hour government-access T.V. channel (DTV) through Channel 199 on BrightHouse Networks and an Emergency Radio Station at 1610 AM. The WebPage, DTV channel and radio station offer a multitude of opportunities to stay informed about activities and issues throughout Deltona!

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