Spring cleaning is right around the corner, so this year opt to use green cleaning supplies! Tons of new products are available now that only contain the ingredients you need to keep your house clean. They also keep your tables and countertops safe and sanitary. Many of our standard, outdated cleaning products contain bonus ingredients, also referred to as bad chemicals or toxins, which can pollute our air, cause an irritable reaction to our skin and more. Here are the top 10 green cleaning products to replace your old cleaning supplies with, many which can already be found in your cabinets!

1. Baking soda. It’s not just a baking ingredient anymore! Sprinkle some baking soda onto a wet rag or sponge and you can wipe out just about any dirt anywhere in your home. It doesn’t get simpler.
2. White vinegar. Toss some of this in with a load of laundry and your clothes will appear soft and cling-free. White vinegar also kills most bacteria and mold.
3. Lemon juice. Combine this with water and you just created a grease-free window cleaner!
4. Borax. A handful of borax (sodium borate) can clean floors, wallpaper, paint and just about anything. It also deodorizes.
5. Cornstarch. This is a great substitute for polishing furniture and, mixed with water, shampooing your rugs!
6. Plant-based cleaners. From dish detergent to all-purpose cleansers, opt to use a plant-based cleaner from corn, coconut oil, etc. Steer clear from scented detergents.
7. Concentrated detergents. If you must stick with your favorite dish or laundry detergent, use the newly concentrated versions that use less water, less detergent and less packaging.
8. Dried herbs and flowers. You can create your own air freshener or potpourri that leaves out toxins and unknown fragrance sources.
9. Soap. Regular bars of soap or liquid soap is just as effective at removing germs as antibacterial soap. Antibacterial products are said to grow resistant bacteria.
10. Plants. Not only are plants attractive, they also keep the air clean by removing toxins that may be floating around your interior. Peace lilies are especially effective at cleansing the air.

If you combine these home ingredients into various mixtures, you can create all sorts of cleaning products for all types of cleaning and sanitizing! Read this past blog entry for more cleaning ideas. If you’re not sure whether to use the cleaning products you already have, here are the top 10 ingredients to steer clear of: chlorine, ammonia, phosphates, corrosives, alkyphenol ethoxylates, phthalates, aerosol sprays, petroleum, antibacterial cleaners, disinfectants.