The slow month of February puts some of us into a funk. Winter isn’t gone, spring hasn’t arrived and the holidays are over. If you’re looking to fill your spare time and spruce up your home, now is the perfect time to redecorate! These top 10 unique decorating ideas are fun, original, easy and full of inspiration!

1. Spruce up your walls with some color! Solid paint is okay, but colorful stripes can really make a room bright and inviting. Wallpaper can get messy, so do the job in a snap with Permacel tape, which is basically colorful masking tape! The rolls come in numerous colors and widths so that your only worry is making sure your lines are straight.
2. Always wish that your bed displayed a headboard? Create your own and add spunk to your bedroom! Place a crafty tapestry behind your bed or create your own art on a blank canvas. Not artistic? Have a photograph placed onto a canvas. For something simpler, use a screen or paint an old headboard.
3. Go all out with a bookcase door! Whether you create a hidden “mystery room” or just add storage to a small area, you can buy or create your own bookcase doors. To make your own, use burly wood or plywood that you can paint. You’ll need strong hinges, like steel, for strength and smoothness when moving books.
4. If you are known for having a strong passion, make it the theme of a room! Bring your love for nature inside by wrapping vines up your walls, displaying art or statues of wildlife and accenting with bright colors! Or create the vision of a basketball court by drawing the court’s lines on a hardwood floor and hanging a basketball hoop. Just make sure it’s a passion that won’t soon die out.
5. Prices are high if you want to cover a wall in stone, but now you can pretend with laminate designs! Cover a wall with laminate panels that looks like stone, leather, metal or any other design you love! Laminate is cheap and easy to care for.
6. Make the kitchen table more fun by placing a builder’s dust sheet over the table as a tablecloth. Then, sketch a design into the material, or just sketch around a plate and silverware so that each seat has a permanent place setting! Dust sheets also pick up dirt and are machine washable.
7. Add color to a room without going overboard by designing your own lampshade! Paint geometric shapes or little circles using watercolors. Watercolor paints are easy to use and the design doesn’t need to be perfect. For less hassle, just spray paint a shade to add extra oomph to the room.
8. If you rent your home and cannot paint the walls, leave them white and add an accent color to a room. Hang bright accessories from wall sconces or buy bright fabric for throw pillows. A bright accent color will bounce off the white walls!
9. Bring the look of stained glass into your home with glass tiles. Glass tiles come in an abundance of designs and cover countertops or hang as backsplashes. They can also hang from accent windows to bounce colors around the room or can decorate stainless steel appliances!
10. Do some history research and design a room in a particular time period. Decorate a room from the Gothic period with dark colors and gargoyles, or add columns and art for a Roman and Greek period. Whatever you decide on, shop around and have fun with it! Shopping at garage sales, flea markets and antique shops will probably bring you the most original materials.