Rumor has it that wallpaper is making a comeback! With so many colors and designs to choose from, each room can display its own theme or atmosphere. But what you may not realize is that there are tons of other uses for wallpaper! Here are the top 10 ideas for wallpaper usage, besides covering your walls.

1. Buy a small strip of patterned wallpaper and use it to accessorize. Cut into squares, frame, hang on the wall and admire your original piece of artwork!

2. Design your kitchen! Place it on the inner moldings of your cabinets, on the sides of your counters or as a magnet on your refrigerator. A splurge of color here and there can really spruce up a dull space.

3. If your home contains uncarpeted stairs, place wallpaper on the risers of your staircase. This adds décor while staying out of the way of stepping.

4. Pop off the back of a clock and glue wallpaper onto a piece of cardboard. The wallpaper design will now act as the background of your clock!

5. Wallpaper the top of shelves or behind shelves for an extra pizzazz to bedroom or bathroom shelving units. Make sure the glue is completely dry before placing anything on the shelves.

6. Glue or tape two pieces of wallpaper together and use the pieces as placemats! When they get dirty, just create more. This gives you ample design and color options for your table.

7. If you enjoy wallpaper but don’t want to cover your walls, opt to wallpaper your ceiling! This offers color and pattern, but in a unique way.

8. Place a sheet of wallpaper underneath a glass table for a sleek design or over the glass for a full-size coaster!

9. Decorate a small box to create a jewelry box, a cigarette box, a makeup case or anything you desire. Or, stash it away and use it for wrapping paper later!

10. Host a party to show off your new décor and send invitations made of wallpaper or inside wallpaper envelopes. This gives your guests a sneak peek at your hard work!