Not only do we advertise homes for sale by owner here at Buy Owner®, but we also advertise vacant land for sale! Buying vacant land makes a lot of sense, and here are the top 10 reasons why:

1. Opportunities are endless. With a segment of your very own land, you can do pretty much whatever you wish with it!

2. You have the chance to build a unique, personal dream home from scratch.

3. Vacant land is often in a rural area, away from the chaos of urban living. You can relax in a quiet atmosphere and connect with nature again.

4. Even if you don’t build a home on the land, it’s somewhere to go on a day off work. It’s like having your own park!

5. You can enjoy a huge backyard, which is hard to come by in neighborhoods! Big backyards are ideal for kids, pets, hosting parties or anything you wish!

6. If you can afford the land now, it could work as major revenue in your future.

7. Even with the state of the economy, land still sells, especially now that baby boomers will be retiring. You will have no problem selling land in the future.

8. You could build a house on the vacant land and rent it out for added income or use it as a vacation home or a place to retire.

9. Even without a house on the land, an endless investment is possible by renting the land to campers, farmers or hunters.

10. No HOA fees exist on vacant land in rural areas. You are free to do as you please, after checking with the town’s rules.

If you decide to take advantage of these vacant land perks, look forward to a future post about 10 steps that you must follow when purchasing land.