Thinking of building your dream home on vacant land? There are certain things that you must consider. More thought goes into the purchase of land than the purchase of a home. Here are 10 tips to know before buying land.

1. When looking for land, make sure you know what your plans are before purchasing it. This will help you imagine where you will put the house, barn, driveway, etc.

2. Know that you need permission to build on vacant land. Get your building permit and find out what rules you must follow, like how close you can build to a river.

3. If you plan on building a house on the land, check with utility companies to see if gas and electric are available for this land.

4. Find out if public water is available to this land. If not, you will need to fit a well system into your budget.

5. Also find out if public sewer lines can manage your land. If not, you will also need to fit a septic system into your budget.

6. Check the weather history in this area to find out if it deals with lots of flooding, tornados, etc. This will help you make smart building decisions.

7. Check with the local city government to find out what the future building plans are for this area. If a major expressway is in the works, you may decide not to purchase the land. It’s all about location!

8. Consider your everyday habits. Are you on a cell phone a lot? Find out if you get service in this area. You may need to adjust your lifestyle in numerous ways.

9. Add up all of the costs that you will face. Once you purchase the land, figure out how much it will cost to build your dream house. You don’t want to find yourself in a lifetime of debt.

10. After purchasing the land, consider fencing it, great for keeping animals, hosting parties or enjoying the privacy of your property!