Empty nesting? Retiring? OR Young and Adventurous? People of all ages are discovering the advantages and opportunities provided by living the RV lifestyle. Let’s take a look at why and perhaps you’ll decide this is great “Home Life” for you as well!Image result for free images of rvsmowingthelawn

  • The cost can vary dramatically depending on size and upgrades, similar to living in a traditional home. In fact, some RVs can rival traditional homes with regard to amenities and upgrades. The cost can often reflect the same outlay as buying a home in a neighborhood on a lot all your own. BUT with no landscaping, HOAs, real estate taxes, and the maintenance involved in home ownership, your cost over time can be dramatically lower.
  • You’ll also save money on travel and vacations. No more having to save up for a year to do that special trip. RVs are so common now combined with the internet, finding RV parks where you’re heading is pretty easy. You’ll save on hotels, eating at restaurants, air/auto/train/bus tickets and you can leave at your whim or stay an extra few days or weeks without having to pay any fees to change tickets.
  • If you have a business or job where you can work online, you can work while viewing the glory of the mountains one day and hearing the lap of the ocean the next.
  • When you live in an RV, you are more likely to live a healthier, outdoor lifestyle vs sitting on the couch at the end of your work day watching tv (though you can do that too once in a while in your RV). People tend to live healthier lifestyles in an RV.
  • If you’re an avid road tripper, you and your kids have your own bathroom, kitchen, play and sleeping areas which allows you to travel longer distances without constantly having to make pit stops along the way.
  • If you sold your home to buy your RV, you can “own” your home with no additional costs. Even if you pay off your mortgage on a traditional home, you still have all the traditional home costs (maintenance ie: roofs, a/c, windows, blah blah blah). Your RV of course requires upkeep and maintenance but your biggest expense will be gas and as you travel you can use the internet to find the best places to fuel up. I
  • You’ll learn to live a simpler, less cluttered lifestyle due to space restrictions. But most people you talk to who are enjoying their new freer life, say that they’re happier because in losing their stuff, they gained closer relationships and respect for nature.

The RV lifestyle is not for everyone, but if you choose to switch to this form of home ownership, you may find that your life has more adventure, freedom and a sense of family.