So you did a lot of Christmas decorating and now want to sell your home but haven’t had time to put away all your decorations or like the wintry look if only they didn’t look so much like the holiday. Here are a few ideas to help you transition your home for showing while it’s still winter without dating your listing by having Christmas hanging on.

  • Take berries and Christmas ribbons out of your front door wreath and replace with deep winter colored ribbons and winter faux flowers.
  • Do the same with Christmas plants so you can still enhance your home with live greenery. Remove the holiday wrapping around a pot and if the pot is great on its own, perfect. If not, replace the holiday wrap with winter toned fabric or paper or for an even quicker change, simply drop that pot into a larger pot that matches your home’s decor.
  • Holiday candles can blend beautifully with your home’s winter theme if they are winter hues with evergreen, cinnamon or spruce scents. If the candle’s label (ie: yankee candle or other well known companies) screams Christmas, soak it with sudsy water and simply remove the label. Same with the candle holder. If it looks like a poinsetta, Christmas tree or other holiday decor, take out of that stand and put in one of your own.
  • Downgrade your holiday table setting from holiday to winter by simply changing up the placemats, tablecloth, runner or napkin rings. Quick, easy changes that still maintains the beauty of the winter season.
  • Replace your holiday blankets thrown over  chair or couch with  rich, soft, winter white, cream or deep toned blanket that blends with your decor.

Since winter and winter holidays share so much in beauty, decor and presentation, take advantage of all it offers while easily and swiftly transitioning your holiday decor to a warm, inviting winter ambiance and show your home confidently as a new addition to the marketplace.