So you’ve moved into your new, perhaps older, home that wasn’t built with the largest of closets. Or, you have an extra room and even though you have a good sized closet, you’ve always wanted a special ‘dressing room’ all your own. Be brave. Get creative and turn that extra bedroom or den into your private retreat. And you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Add a closet organizer with racks and shelves to a long wall, add individual hooks to the wall to create a stylish display and easy accessibility of hats, scarves, jewelry, Dressing Roomhandbags…whatever works best for you. You can add a storage bench against a wall for more storage or use a larger upholstered one in the center of the room which adds to the design an storage space.  Add shoe racks or buy inexpensive racks that match the wall piece and stack shoes in their boxes or plastic shoe boxes. You can also add behind door shoe or purse racks or hooks for robes or sweaters. There are so many things you can do to make it your own! The space in the photo was created for under $150 over a weekend. (tip: Put hooks  up with 3m type adhesives so you can rearrange your wall and design easily and again at minimal cost.)

When the grandkids visit, you can always add a toddler bed or blow up mattress while they’re there and then simply put it away when they’re gone and return to enjoying your very special personal space.