Showing your home is convenient when you’re still living there or somewhere nearby. However, if you plan on taking a small vacation, or if you are purchasing a home out of state, and need to travel to finalize the moving process, how do you show your home while you are out of town? Consider these options:

1. The Buy Owner Website

Before you leave, make sure that you are happy with your Buy Owner ad. Does it highlight the most important aspects of your property? Your neighborhood? Another thing to keep in mind is that Buy Owner offers ad packages that include virtual tours and a certain amount of photos. With these packages, potential buyers can feel like they’re inside your home, even without visiting it.

2. Enlist a Friend

It is crucial to have a plan in place for showings in person. For a brief guide on how to get ready for a showing, take a look at this recent post: Preparing for a Showing. When you’re out of town, especially if it’s for an extended period of time, consider finding a close friend or a relative who’d be willing to do it for you. Who better than someone who has visited (or lived in) your home and knows it as well as you do? Just be sure to leave your contact information in case questions should arise from potential buyers. This way, you will still be able to manage your showings without having to be there in person.

Alternative Solution: Put it on Hold

Not interested in dealing with potential buyers while you’re away? No problem! Through your Buy Owner Seller Tools, you can mark you property on hold until you get back. For more information, contact Buy Owner’s customer service department.