Are you planning to sell your property and wondering how to do it? Have you heard about selling by owner and wanted to learn more? Would you like to cut commission costs to make a better profit on the sale?

Buy Owner is here to help.

As the leading for-sale-by-owner company in today’s market, Buy Owner not only offers 25 years of experience but also an unparalleled marketing scheme to help you sell.

It is the best way to sell your home on your own, and here’s why:

  1. MONEY: By cutting out high commissions, home sellers with Buy Owner save thousands of dollars. If your home costs $250,000, for example, selling on your own means saving $15,000. With Buy Owner, your property is listed on the Buy Owner website until it sells!
  2. PROFESSIONAL MARKETING: With Buy Owner, a skilled marketing consultant helps you design a customized advertising package, utilizing the company’s professional skills in photography, copywriting, virtual tours, mapping and more!
  3. ROUND-THE-CLOCK HELP: Anytime you want to change your photos or add some more information to your text, just call 1-800-771-7777 and you will instantly be connected to the proper people who can help you. You have the final say on every aspect of your advertising package, and you can change your photos and text at any time. Buy Owner knows that many people work Monday through Friday. That is why we are also open every Saturday and Sunday… for your convenience!
  4. TRUST: There’s no better assurance of quality service than satisfied customers. Buy Owner is a company you can trust. Check out testimonials of previous clients to see for yourself!