Are you feeling stressed and challenged about moving from your comfort zone neighborhood to a new one where you know no one? Is this especially difficult because you have young or teen children who are not happy at all with your decision to move and tear them away from their friends and the school they love? Then take advantage of a medium you’re probably already very familiar with to “move in” to the area before you ever make the physical move.

  1. Check Facebook pages for Neighborhood Posts for the area you are moving to. If you find one, send a post or message to the administrator for that Facebook group introducing yourself and letting them know that you’re moving into the neighborhood with children (mention ages) and would love to join the group and glean input and general info about all the area offers you and your children.
  2. Check and see if your new neighborhood has a group on there and do the same thing.
  3. Go to the new school’s website and see if they have facebook/instagram/twitter groups that you can join and follow.

Not really a social media follower or subscriber? Be bold and create a postcard on a site like shutterfly with a family photo and take a walk around your new block(s) leaving them at your new neighbor’s homes with a note on it introducing yourself. If you don’t feel comfortable having your family’s photo out there like that, simply buy a pack of note cards, write a short note and leave those in the neighbor’s doors. (Do NOT put in mailboxes as that may not be allowed by the city or your association.)

Another friendly proclamation of your becoming their new neighbors is to plan an open house once you move in and invite the neighbors on your block and surrounding blocks if not a huge area to come on over and meet you.

Once your kids make some new friends in the neighborhood and school, not only will their stress level be reduced, so will yours!