So your home is vacant but the cost of having someone come in and stage your home is prohibitive for you. So what can you do? Virtual Staging!! This is a cost effective alternative to having a “stager” come into your home, create a plan, bring in furniture, have a crew set it all up and then have to do so again to pick it up when your home has sold. Those cost can run into the thousands or tens of thousands depending on the size and grandeur of your home. Virtual Staging takes advantage of new and evolving technology to allow potential buyers to view your home online, fully staged and then if they choose, to walk through physically to get a sense of the vacant space for their own furnishings.

At this time, during the Covid-19 pandemic, many people have chosen to not go to homes personally until they have completely walked through online. As good as photographer may be, still photos are the least effective when people are online shopping because they often do not adequately show the depth or dimensions of your rooms. Being able to see furniture in the photos gives people a better sense of flow and space.  Image result for Free Images of Virtually Staged Rooms

There are many options and prices available to you so rather than just take a company’s word for their quality, make sure and shop around. A simple search titled “Virtual Staging” will yield numerous results so relax, take your time and be diligent. Ask for addresses of homes they have staged that you can view online instead of what they’re showing you on their website. Look at the real effects they’ve created and not just what a commercial web designer may have built into their website.

As always, buyer beware. Then once you’ve done your due diligence and had your home virtually staged, get ready for buyers to be ringing your bell!