When it comes to going green, we all differ on putting into practice what we believe to be necessary for the future of the planet. Some build homes designed to be eco-friendly, some update their current residences to reflect more planet-conscious choices and, increasingly, some decide to live in sustainable communities.

Have you heard of sustainable communities? Also called ecovillages or green communities, sustainable communities are neighborhoods committed to a way of life that’s greener, with less of a footprint on the environment.

Characteristics of sustainable communities: In an effort to cut back on consumption and waste, sustainable communities tend to preserve open land and find more efficient ways of living.<

What’s common to see: encouraged walking/biking, even telecommuting; homes architecturally designed to make use of solar energy and constructed with local materials; eco-friendly appliances and lighting inside homes; organic and natural foliage.

Where you can find one: While sustainable communities aren’t the norm, the trend is a growing one, with neighborhoods popping up all over the world. According to the Global EcoVillage Network Database, in fact, there are 11,000 ecovillages in Sri Lanka alone!


Next best thing: Whether or not a sustainable community is near you, opportunities to live greener are, wherever you live. Take inspiration from the green communities and make sustainable choices in your day-to-day lifestyle. Your neighborhood may or may not feature homes with eco-friendly features, your home can. Whether or not your community encourages walking over driving, you can look for ways to cut back on using your vehicle so much.