An overload of advice is offered to you, as a homebuyer, on what you should do before and while you deal with the process of purchasing a new home. Did anyone ever tell you what not to do? The most important advice, which is best laid out at, is to keep your finances in order. What does this mean?

First, it means to deal with one life-changing purchase at a time. In the process of buying a new home, don’t feel the need to purchase anything else new. Now is not the time to purchase a new car, plan an expensive wedding, buy all-new décor, plan a vacation and the list goes on. Unless, of course, your finances are in good enough shape to handle more than one life-changing purchase at one time.

Secondly, don’t move your money around. The process of reviewing a potential homebuyer’s finances is more closely analyzed than ever before. While a loan lender or a mortgage underwriter is reviewing your finances, make the process as simple as possible. This means not moving large sums of money from one account to another, opening a new account or changing banks. The last few months of bank statements and liquid assets will need to be reviewed, so the more changes you make now, the longer the process will take and the more frustrated you’ll become.

Bottom line: keep your finances in order, and keep your funding decisions simple until the review process is complete.