CLUTTER SAYS:  There’s not a lot of room in this home and very little storage. Keep in mind that what you see as “collectible” others see as clutter. Purge BEFORE you put your home on the market so you don’t lose valuable time fixing this issue too late. Fill and store Clutter-is-OUTbins with the off season clothing, boots, big blankets…whatever you can remove that will make your closets look roomier and storage appear ample.

FULL MIRROR WALL/WASHED OAK CABINETS/BRIGHT BRASS FIXTURES/PSYCHEDELIC WALLPAPER/POPCORN CEILINGS, etc SAY: This home hasn’t been updated for a very long time and so you should get a great deal on the price. These items can actually be updated at reasonable costs so consider doing so BEFORE you hit the market. Disclaimer: If your decor deliberately displays Retro decor, embrace it fully and sell as such which will bring you a great price with the Retro seeking buyer…and they are out there!

DIRTY BASEBOARDS/TRIM/WINDOWSILLS/MESSY ROOMS SAY: If you think this is dirty, wait until you pull out the refrigerator and stove! Even if you are comfortable living in a less than pristine environment, it’s important to market your home to the masses who most often are seeking to not find hidden schmutz after they move in. You can typically hire a cleaning crew to do a “Spring Cleaning” for $250-300. This will be money highly multiplied in its return when you sell.

Keep in mind that you are marketing your home to your buyers not to yourself. If necessary, have a good friend that you trust to be honest help you evaluate what you should consider doing before selling and then do what you can afford prioritizing the items by what will maximize your profit. Then fix and sell!!