First House1. When you know what you want
Some things you may already know—how many bedrooms you need, what kind of a commute you’re willing to deal with—but some things might come up as you search. Browse through properties at and see the many home options. Prepare a list—even if just in your mind—of non-negotiables and things you’d like but could compromise on.

2. When you know what you can spend
Buy Owner’s mortgage partner, Guaranteed Rate, provides mortgage calculators online to help you determine what you can spend. In addition to considering the price of the home, be sure to factor in home insurance, taxes and other scheduled costs.

3. When you’ve researched mortgages
Guaranteed Rate will also help you find the best mortgage rate, maximizing the value you’re able to obtain. Did you know there are many different types of mortgages and that the same loan isn’t right for everyone? Guaranteed Rate can help you find the best rate for you.

4. When you’ve saved money for a down payment
The amount of money you end up spending on your property, long-term, depends on three things: the mortgage rate, the term of the mortgage and the amount borrowed. It’s a good idea to plan on at least a 20% down payment, as that reduces your amount to pay interest on.

When these things are in place, you’re ready to start searching for your own home.

I’m ready! Now what?

At, you can punch in search criteria and see homes that match your desires. The listed phone numbers put you in contact with the sellers, so you can schedule a showing with the home owner directly and go from there. Plus, buying from a Buy Owner seller has distinct advantages that help you maximize your buying power and make your buying experience go smoothly. Good luck, and have fun!