living room

Furniture is home décor that will never go out of style. No matter what else changes, we will always need a table to sit at, a couch to lounge on and a bed to sleep in. So whether you want to decorate your new home with new furniture, you want to spruce up your home for sale with new furniture, you want to offer a fully furnished aspect with your home sale or you want to purchase new furniture for your home that is not for sale or new, there are an abundance of places where you can find sturdy, attractive and incredibly affordable furniture! You just need to know where to look.

When you’re about to invest in a new piece of furniture, before you begin browsing online catalogs and visiting upscale boutiques, first try checking out these places:

  • Hotel furniture liquidators take used hotel furniture and resell it out of warehouses for an affordable price. Most hotel furniture is contemporary and convenient, and the items rarely look used.
  • Overstock outlets sell furniture that have completed closeouts, clearance sales or were returned. Companies send overstock items to outside outlets that sell it for a ridiculously low price.
  • Flea markets sell secondhand goods in a bazaar-type fashion. You never know what you’ll find from people looking to get rid of unused items, so you should regularly visit flea markets for treasured goods.
  • Antique stores often sell furniture pieces that will stand out in your contemporary home with their rusty, used appearances. If history and past cultures interest you, affordable options are often available, each with its own history.
  • Garage sales are convenient and definitely cheap. Because the owner doesn’t have to transport the furniture further than his own yard, the items are always marked down so that as many items get disposed of as possible.
  • Classified ads allow the current owners of unused furniture to advertise their items without having to move them. Therefore, impressive items are often offered at reasonable prices. All you have to do is go pick them up.
  • The end of a driveway offers surprisingly impressive steals at the fair price of FREE. If you’re willing to let your guard down for a few minutes, you can carry some nifty furniture pieces over to your house that your neighbors were just too lazy to sell.

If you found affordable furniture at a different location than those mentioned here, share with us so that others know where to shop too! During this tight economy, budget shopping is smart and tasteful.