Home Insurance

If you’re like most homeowners, your home is your single greatest investment.

It represents years of hard work, from the money you’ve invested upfront and over the years to the sweat equity you’ve contributed.

That’s why it’s too important of an investment not to protect. And that’s why you need home insurance.

Simply put, home insurance serves to protect your home, your belongings and your personal liability.

1)      Protect your largest investment

Homeowners’ insurance covers the exterior of a residence, as well as other structures like garages or sheds. When deciding how much insurance you need, you’ll want to remember to have enough coverage to cover construction costs to totally rebuild your home, should some kind of disaster force you to do so.

2)      Cover your belongings

Most homeowners’ policies also cover your personal possessions for 50 to 75 percent of the amount of insurance you have on the structure of your home. For particularly valuable items, insurance riders are available (a good idea for jewelry, antiques or other expensive possessions).

3)      Be prepared in situations of personal liability

If someone gets injured on your property, he or she could sue you. Homeowners insurance is there to protect you in cases like those.

These are just three of the main reasons you should have home insurance. If you have a home office, live in an area prone to hurricanes or earthquakes or own a condo, there are even further bits of information to take into account. A licensed insurance professional can help you make the best choice for you.