If you keep up with our Home Decorating blogs and put ideas on hold for when you decide to decorate, this post is for you! Or perhaps you send the ideas along to a friend instead of considering them for yourself. Now that 2009 has arrived, this may be the ideal time to redecorate parts of your home or your entire home!

If you need assurance, here are 15 reasons why now might be the perfect time for you to redecorate.

1. It’s a new year! Whether your 2009 resolution was to clean/spruce up your home or not, it’s a great excuse to do it! With a new year come new fashions, new popular colors and new sales. Search the internet and local stores to see if anything interests you. This may just be your year for interior fashion!
2. You just moved into a new home and your old furniture does not coincide with your elegant new interior. You can sell your old furniture and use that money toward your new furnishings!
3. You’re in the midst of trying to sell your home, but the old furniture makes your home appear drab. In order to capture the interest of potential buyers, redecorate your home! After it sells, you’ll already have the new furnishings for your new home.
4. You’ve made the resolution to go green in 2009! With the gaining popularity of green decorating, you’ll find ample options that are reasonably priced. Redecorate with green flooring, cabinetry, countertops, furniture, lights, accessories and so much more! In the long run, you’ll save money too.
5. During these tough economic times, turn your home into a stress-free retreat! Create a rewarding environment by filling rooms with neutral paint palettes and nature ornaments. Find the most impressive sales, help the market by purchasing home accessories and then enjoy spending time in your home for free.
6. You just started a home business and need a quiet, gratifying home office. Attach a brand-new room to your home or redecorate a spare room. Incorporate built-in shelves, a large desk, a comfortable desk chair and whatever else you need to make this an easy environment to work in.
7. You just added a new member to the family and now you need to integrate changes that will make this transition easy and exciting! Decorate a spare bedroom for your new baby, add color to the entire home, buy storage units for toys and, most importantly, baby-proof your home for safety.
8. Your children have grown up and moved out of the nest. Now you have all this spare space to work with! Turn an empty bedroom into that craft room, media room or game room that you always dreamed of having! Turn the casual dining room into a formal space for dinner parties. The home is yours!
9. You finally just moved out of your parents’ home and are on your own! As an independent, do you really want your childhood furnishings filling your first space? Fill your first living space with new, chic fittings that suit your current personality.
10. You just committed to sharing your life with someone and as a newly married couple, you want to start fresh with new furnishings that you two pick out and purchase together. Incorporate both of your personalities into your new findings for your new home!
11. You are newly single and are ready to start fresh! Rid of the old décor that holds memories and exchange it with new items that scream YOU. Invite friends to shop with you and help you create a whole new interior décor!
12. You just retired and are ready for a change. With your newly acquired spare time, stroll down memory lane by going through all of your built-up storage. Decide what to keep and what to finally part with. You’ll thank yourself later.
13. You just bought a second home, either as a vacation home for yourself or as a rental investment. Either way, you need to fill this new interior with furniture! Decide what sort of atmosphere you want it to contain and then have fun with it!
14. Whether you recently moved, obtained a new job, started a new relationship or experienced any sort of significant change in your life, show it off with new interior decorating! Stand out and show off this change with confidence. Add bold, vibrant colors of paint or accessories. Express the excitement in your life with the items that surround you every day!
15. You deserve a change. You’ve been loyal to your job, your family, your home and all of life’s responsibilities. It’s time for you to splurge and enjoy a change! Everyone deserves a change once in a while, so make that change one you can enjoy every single day!