The housing market tends to slow way down during the winter months, for numerous reasons. The holidays add multiple activities to our schedules. The weather is unbearable at times. Children are in school and don’t want to be taken out midway through the year. Overall, the winter is a hassle. But some homeowners don’t have the choice to wait. Sellers will always be selling for one reason or another.

As a buyer, take this as an opportunity! Multiple reasons exist for buyers to purchase a home now rather than later:

  • If a homeowner is choosing to sell during the winter, chances are the seller needs to move soon. He or she may be more willing to negotiate in many different areas, including price!
  • There is a massive decrease of competition in the winter. You can take your time choosing a home and negotiating with the owner.
  • Because the market is slow, you may have an opportunity to settle on a closing date that works best for you.
  • Lenders usually have more free time during the winter. This may help the process run faster and smoother than usual.
  • Viewing a home during the winter will lend you a true knowledge of this home’s build, roofing and insulation. You don’t want a new home with a soaring electric bill.
  • With bare branches, you can really notice the surroundings of the home.

As a seller, you can also take advantage of selling now! Chances are you will only receive potential buyers that are truly interested. The process will seem less hectic with fewer showings. Buyers and sellers may enjoy tax benefits. Here are some ways to make sure you are showing your home in its best light:

 Open drapes, turn on lights and make the home as bright as possible. If needed, add lights to make sure the potential buyer receives a true vision of the interior.

 If you own a fireplace, make sure a fire is brewing. Light candles, bake cookies or turn on holiday music. Add any aspect that will make the home homier.

 Decorate for the holidays, but don’t go overboard. You want your buyers to concentrate on the home itself and not on your décor.

 Set up photos of your home during other seasons so your buyers can visualize living there year-round.

 Make sure your driveway and walkways are shoveled and salted so that there are no injuries!