With the current homeowner tax credits in place, new home buyers can get up to 10% or $8K of their home’s purchase price back, which is a pretty significant incentive. Think about it: spend $300,000 on your first home, and potentially receive $8,000 in your pocket.

But a November article in the Wall Street Journal, “The Case for the $80,000 House,” points out that this savings is actually most beneficial for those who spent $80,000 on their new home.

Why? Simply put, it’s the difference between a 2.6% rebate and a 10% rebate.

Buy a home for $300,000, and your $8K refund is 2.6% of the purchase price. Buy a home for $80,000 on the other hand, and your refund is a whopping 10%. That’s nothing to scoff at.

With that in mind, I’ve grabbed a couple FSBO listings currently priced at $80,000 in the cities and surrounding suburbs of Chicago, Miami and Atlanta. Take a look!