As we get deeper into this winter season, now is the perfect time to point out the value of Internet marketing. In many parts of the country, winter brings colder weather, if not blizzards of snow and ice. And one thing you can be sure of is that many house-hunting buyers will want to stay indoors.

Enter the Internet. In winter more than ever, the Internet is an all-important tool in maximizing your home’s marketing. Through strategically chosen descriptions and images, you can allow interested buyers to tour your property without leaving their living rooms. That’s a benefit everyone can appreciate.

Buy Owner® stands out as the leader in “For Sale by Owner” real estate marketing, both because of its highly trafficked Web site and because of its exceptional advertising plans.

To schedule an appointment with a skilled marketing consultant, call 1-800-771-7777. The following are some of the options that may be available, and your Buy Owner consultant can help you decide which are best for you.

1. National advertising on the Buy Owner website: Consistently drawing high numbers of visitors through creative marketing campaigns, is the premier site to advertise your home.
2. Appearance in Buy Owner’s e-Magazines: The e-Magazines are regionally based online publications of interactive web pages that allow you to flip and zoom into pages.
3. Talking yard sign: Buy Owner yard signs feature an 800 number with a code that will play the audio description of your home’s amenities
4. Participation in the computer matchmaking system
5. Toll-free number : 800-771-7777
6. Stunning photographs of the exterior, interior and community
7. Descriptive text that highlights your home’s features: In some regional markets, Buy Owner’s in-house staff of professional writers will create advertising copy for your property, based on details you select.
8. Professional, 360-degree virtual tours: With holidays, vacations and harsh weather, winter keeps a lot of house hunters from driving through neighborhoods or touring multiple properties. However, searching online can be done from any computer, on the timetable of the buyers. That’s why a virtual tour is all-important.
9. Online statistics: Buy Owner seller tools allow you to track how many times your property has been viewed and how often it’s shown up in searches
10. Your choice of placement: You’ll have options to put your property’s listing at the front of search results, and you can even make it a featured listing if desired